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We've Gone Native - Native California garden design and implementation

We've Gone Native

Native Garden Design

and Installation

We’ve Gone Native is a  2 person team that expertly designs and installs native plant gardens. We properly prepare the soil, select and artfully place plants to create an environment that welcomes animals and people.


We invite you to  “Dare to be Wild."

We've Gone Native founders - David Weiss and Kathy Crane
About "We've Gone Native"

Our design and install partnership is comprised of Yerba Buena Nursery owner and plant specialist Kathy Crane,  and hardscape designer and master native plant installer David Weise.  Together, we have over 30 years combined experience with native plants and design/artistry training.  Our two person team expertly evaluates your garden conditions from a Softscape and Hardscape perspective.  We will recommend the right plants and evaluate planting conditions and challenges to help achieve your garden goals. 

We are native plant artists and experts,  who have an eye for choosing and grouping plants in unique and interesting arrangements.  Each plant is properly selected and planted according to the specific needs of the plant and the location.

Whether it is a “Lawn Be Gone!” request for a low water landscape, a desire for more wildlife such as hummingbirds, song birds,  pollinators and butterflies, or a desire to have a native garden that will draw you, your children and pets into enjoying your garden more, we can create the perfect native garden for you.

We then can provide excavation, proper soil conditioning, rock and path additions and planting services for the native plants.  We also have irrigation and electrical contractors to recommend for more detailed projects.

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