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Rebate Programs for Landscaping Using Natives

Many Bay Area counties offer rebate programs to encourage water-wise landscaping. If you know of a program that isn't listed here but should be, please let us know! We will be happy to include more information that will help our customers.

Data compiled June 2021. All information subject to change by participating agencies.

Alameda County Water District

Rebates and conservation information for Alameda County

Bay Area Water Supply & Conservation Agency

Rebate and conservation information for the lower Bay Area region

Valley Water

Rebates and conservation information for Santa Clara County

Santa Clara Valley Water District Conservation Rebates

Landscaping and irrigation rebates for Santa Clara County

East By Municipal Utility District

Rebate programs for Contra Costa County

Redwood City

Lawn-Be-Gone, Smart sprinkler, and other rebate programs for Redwood City

Palo Alto

Water and energy efficiency rebate programs for Palo Alto

Mountain View

Landscape and irrigation rebates for Mountain View

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