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Agave 'Blue Flame' - Blue Agave

Botanic Name

Agave 'Blue Flame'

Common Name

Blue Agave


H: 3' W: 3'


Summer Dry




Deer resistant

Deer resistant



Agave 'Blue Flame' is a hybrid of A. shawii and A. attenuata. Each rosette grows to a final size of 2 1/2 feet wide by 3 feet high. Established clumps can spread to fill an area over time. With an upright habit resembling a propane flame, this hardy plant requires no summer water once established. Be certain to water around the base, not on the leaves. Flower is a green-yellow color, and plant provides a striking contrast when planted around Native perennials and grasses.

This plant is not currently in stock

This plant is in stock

2 gal


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