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Juncus effusus pacificus var. 'Quartz Creek' - Soft Rush

Botanic Name

Juncus effusus pacificus var. 'Quartz Creek'

Common Name

Soft Rush


H: 3' W: 3'


Occ. H20/Moist




Part Shade, Sun

Deer resistant

Deer resistant



The Soft Rush is native to almost the entire state, and north into British Columbia. 'Quartz Creek' is a vigorous, bright green selection from just across the Oregon border. As with other rushes, it thrives in sun to light shade, with occasional water to constant moisture, and is excellent for erosion control. It also tolerates a wide variety of soil conditions, including the heaviest clay. The foliage makes a graceful mound about 3 by 3 feet or so. Also a great container specimen, as long as its roots are given enough room - a pot at least 18 inches tall and wide is good.

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This plant is in stock

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