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Eriogonum fasciculatum 'Warriner Lytle' - California Buckwheat

Botanic Name

Eriogonum fasciculatum 'Warriner Lytle'

Common Name

California Buckwheat


H: 1' W: 4'


Occ. H20/Dry



Part Shade, Sun


Bee favorite

Attribute detail


Deer resistant



Attracts butterflies



This prostrate selection of the California Buckwheat has proven to be a tough, reliable groundcover for a hot dry site. Fast growing to 1 foot tall and 4 feet wide, 'Warriner Lytle' thrives in full sun with no water once established. It appreciates good drainage, but will take clay on a slope. The narrow evergreen foliage is quite deer resistant, and the white summer flowers attract many different bees and butterflies before fading to a rich rusty brown and providing seed for birds. Like most shrubs, a good pruning every fall or two will keep it denser, although it isn't necessary.

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1 gal


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