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Eriophyllum staechadifolium - Lizard Tail

Botanic Name

Eriophyllum staechadifolium

Common Name

Lizard Tail


H: 3-4' W: 6'


Occ. H20/Dry




Bee favorite

Bee favorite

Attribute detail

Deer resistant

Deer resistant


Attracts butterflies

Attracts butterflies

(Adults, Larvae)


This easy to grow shrub grows 4 feet tall and 6 feet wide, forming large mats of dark greenish-grey leaves. The golden yellow flowers are profuse in spring. This plant is a coastal species, making it salt and wind tolerant. It also thrives inland, given a little summer water. Full sun is recommended. A fast growing plant, it is one of our best for erosion control in a coastal situation. Combines well with the low growing Coyote Bush, the larger Buckwheats, and Monkeyflower. It is an important food source for the San Bruno Elfin butterfly. Deer resistant!

This plant is not currently in stock

This plant is in stock

1 gal


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