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Ceanothus 'Joan Mirov' - Wild Lilac

Botanic Name

Ceanothus 'Joan Mirov'

Common Name

Wild Lilac


H: 3' W: 10'


Occ. H20/Dry



Part Shade, Sun

Bee favorite

Bee favorite

Attribute detail

Deer resistant

Deer resistant



'Joan Mirov' is a naturally occuring hybrid of C. foliosus and C. griseus from Salt Point on the Sonoma County coast, that was selected and introduced by Roger Raiche. Leaves are a shiny dark green and exude a pleasant fragrance. When in bloom, March to May, the plant is covered with rich, dark blue flowers. It will grow to 6' tall and spread to 12'. Plant in light soil and protect from the hot afternoon sun. Hardy to 15 degrees F.

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