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Davallia trichomanoides - Squirrel's Foot Fern

Botanic Name

Davallia trichomanoides

Common Name

Squirrel's Foot Fern


H: 6" W: 1'


Occ. H20/Dry



Part Shade, Shade

Deer resistant

Deer resistant



This is a visually fascinating plant, with its furry rhizomes and delicate finely divided 8 to 16" gray-green fronds. It is an excellent subject for a basket, since it grows as an epiphyte on tree branches in Malaysia, New Guinea, and Indonesia. Davallia is deciduous for a short time, but quickly grows new fronds. It requires ample water in its growing season, and drier conditions during dormancy. In the pot, keep its soil on the dry side, not 'bone dry', but never saturated.

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This plant is in stock

1 gal


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