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Bouteloua gracilis - Eyelash Grass

Botanic Name

Bouteloua gracilis

Common Name

Eyelash Grass


H: 1' W: 1'


Occ. H20/Dry



Part Shade, Sun

Deer resistant

Deer resistant



This delicate-looking, bright green bunchgrass is actually durable and easy to grow. It is native to the mountains and high deserts of southern California, but does remarkably well here in the Bay Area. Requires full sun, good drainage and only occasional water. The charming flowers are held horizontally, and are fringed, like a row of eyelashes. Can be used as a rock garden accent, or a component of a sunny native meadow. Grows up to 1' high. It does not become invasive, and can be cut back in fall if it gets thatchy looking.

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This plant is in stock

1 gal


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