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Prunus ilicifolia - Holly-Leafed Cherry

Botanic Name

Prunus ilicifolia

Common Name

Holly-Leafed Cherry


H: 20' W: 10'


Occ. H20/Dry




Part Shade, Sun

Bee favorite

Bee favorite

Attribute detail

Good w/ oaks

Good w/ oaks

Attribute detail

Attracts butterflies

Attracts butterflies

(Adults, Larvae)


A dense, evergreen, uniformly branched shrub that usually reaches 8' high but can reach up to 25'. Hollyleaf cherry will become dense in full sun or will develop into a more loosely branched shrub in shade. It is water or drought tolerant once established. It can be used as a hedge or tall screen if kept clipped back. A versatile and easy to grow plant, this cherry also provides fruit for many types of birds. It occurs in the coastal ranges from Napa to southern California.

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This plant is in stock

5 gal


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