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Tellima grandiflora - Fringe Cups

Botanic Name

Tellima grandiflora

Common Name

Fringe Cups


H: 1' W: 2'


Occ. H20/Moist



Part Shade, Shade


Bee favorite

Attribute detail


Hummingbird attractor

Attribute detail


Good w/ oaks

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This shade loving perennial forms a robust clump of bright green leaves about a foot tall and wide. Flowers grow along 2' stalks, changing from green to red as they age. While attractive from a distance, their architecture is stunning when viewed close up (really close up). A good naturalizer under trees, it often reseeds, though it hasn't made a pest of itself in our garden, and is easy enough to pull up when it invites itself somewhere we'd rather not have it. Provide dappled shade and occasional water. Not deer resistant.

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1 gal


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