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Myrica californica - Pacific Wax Myrtle

Botanic Name

Myrica californica

Common Name

Pacific Wax Myrtle


H: 15' W: 8'


Occ. H20/Moist




Part Shade, Shade, Sun

Deer resistant

Deer resistant


Good w/ oaks

Good w/ oaks

Attribute detail


The Pacific Wax Myrtle's dense, bushy form, rapid growth, and glossy green leaves make it a popular shrub for screening. It can also be pruned into an attractive small tree. No showy flowers, but the tiny, hard fruits attract songbirds. A native to coastal areas from the Santa Monica Mountains north to Del Norte County, it tolerates inland locations with summer water. Can grow up to two feet per year, making it our best selling screening shrub.

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This plant is in stock

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