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Lawn "Removal" Basic Steps

  • Remove unwanted shrubs/trees

  • Cap off existing sprinkler system underground

  • Optional: "Scalp" lawn - mow as low as possible

  • Cut back edges of lawn, 4" deep and 12" in from edge

  • Create organic looking mounds with removed soil

  • Place two layers of uncoated brown sheet mulching paper* at right angles

  • Place 4-6" layer of soil** over paper

  • Install plants (see transplanting instructions)

  • If Applicable: Install drip lines

  • Mulch with 3" layer of wood chips*** or leaves

* Uncoated brown sheet mulching paper is available at Lyngso Garden Materials in San Carlos. $14.50 for a 35" x 166' roll.

** Lyngso Garden Materials carries an excellent mix for natives under the name 'potting mix.' It is fast draining and not too rich for native species.

*** Lyngso Garden Materials carries an excellent mulch product called 'Mini Mulch.'

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