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Transplanting Guides
How to Transplant & Water Your Natives Successfully (pdf)
Note that this guide is intended to be printed and folded, so the beginning of the guide actually starts on page 2!
Caring for and Transplanting Plugs (html)
Plugs are a reliable and economical way to cover a large area, provided appropriate care is given in the initial stages.
Lawn "Removal" Basic Steps (html)
Here is Yerba Buena Nursery's step by step guide to easily planting over your existing lawn.

Updated in 2017! Basic Pruning & Deadheading Techniques For Common California Native Plants (html)
Pruning tips from our propagator, Matt Teel.

Updated in 2017! California Native Medicinal Plants (html)
List of California Native Medicinal Plants, including known uses.

New! Growing Milkweed for Monarch Butterflies in California (html)
Why you should plant the local species of Milkweed (Asclepias) in your garden, and the dangers of exotic Milkweed such as the Mexican red and yellow flowering Asclepias. Learn what you can do to help the Monarch population thrive.

Plants for Coastal/Seashore Conditions (html)
List of plants tolerant of exposed areas adjacent to the ocean where winds and salt spray are the norm. Fantastic plants for around the coast and beyond.

Toxic Plants To Dogs (html)
Compiled from the ASPCA.org list, these are plants sold at Yerba Buena Nursery that are considered to be toxic to Dogs. We encourage you to verify your research with other sources and offer this as a quick reference sheet only.

Succulents at Yerba Buena Nursery (html)
Have you ever considered adding succulents to your garden? We currently have a fantastic variety of both Sedums and Dudleyas. Read this article for a few tips and tricks on how to plant and care for your succulents, and then come to the nursery to choose out the perfect varities for you!

Container Gardening with Native Plants (html)
Ever wondered what it would take to grow some of your Natives in containers? Whether you don't have the space to plant them in the ground or you'd like to intersperse pots among your garden to add another dimension, this article provides a comprehensive guide including our favorite container plants and some example arrangements to get you started.

Yerba Buena's Recommended Ground Covers (html)
A collection of the recommended ground covers, compiled by Matt, our nursery manager, after his lecture and garden walk hosted at Yerba Buena Nursery in May. Separated by exposure (sun, shade, etc) you are certain to find a selection to help you create the perfect native paradise.

Lawn Alternatives Using California Native Plants (html)
Thinking of saving on costly water bills and helping the environment by removing harmful chemicals from the ecosystem, as well as creating a habitat for the local wildlife? Featured in our Spring 2009 newsletter, this article is written with you in mind. Three designs have been created as suggestions for how you can turn your water-guzzling lawn into a beautiful, native landscape.

How to Replace Your Lawn With a Native Garden (html)
A guide to designing a garden with California Natives. Based on the talk "How to Replace Your Lawn With a Native Garden -- Basic Design Principles" given at Yerba Buena Nursery on 11/5/05.

Clay Tolerant Plants (html)
A list of Clay Tolerant plants grown by Yerba Buena Nursery.

How Bunny Saved California - Educational Game (html/flash)
"How Bunny Saved California" is an original video game which teaches the importance of removing invasive plants that plague California. Bunny, the game's heroine, makes a valiant effort to pull, dig and wrench out some nasty weeds before they spread and crowd out the native plants.

Steps to Help You Design Your Garden Using Native Plants (html)
Basic steps to help you begin your first California Native Garden.

Birdwatching at Yerba Buena Nursery (html)
"If you have only two hours to bird in spring, this is the place to go." Yerba Buena Nursery is a birdwatching destination. Learn why.

Bird-Friendly Plants for the Native Garden (html)
Detailed list of Bird-Friendly Plants for the California Native Garden.

Butterfly Plants for the Native Garden (html)
Detailed list of Butterfly Plants for the California Native Garden.

Planting Under Oaks (html)
Do you have an Oak tree? This article tells you all you need to know about planting under and around your oak. Includes a link to the California Oak Foundation guide, Compatible Plants Under & Around Oaks.

Contending with Weeds (pdf) 324K
Article on weed control published in San Mateo Couny Environmental Health newsletter, "ReNews," page 3. Original source publication can be found at www.flowstobay.org.

Deer-Proofing Your Bay Area Garden (html)
Tips on what deer eat, what they might avoid, and a recipe for a deer-repellent spray.

San Francisco Natives Grown by Yerba Buena Nursery (html)

Native Plants Resistant to Oak Root Fungus (html)

California Classics: Durable and Useful Plants for Bay Area Gardens (html)
Lecture notes from talk by Author of "California Native Plants For the Garden," David Fross. 5/13/06

Rebate Programs for Landscapes Using Natives (html)

Garden Guides | At Your Home Garden Design Service | In House Bed Design | Garden Tune-Up Service

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