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Festuca californica - California Fescue

Botanic Name

Festuca californica

Common Name

California Fescue


H: 3' W: 3'


Occ. H20/Dry


Clay, Serpentine


Part Shade, Sun

Deer resistant

Deer resistant


Good w/ oaks

Good w/ oaks

Attribute detail


One of our most popular grasses, this robust bunchgrass is native from the North Coast south to Santa Barbara. It thrives in almost any soil, from a steep bank to flat clay, as well as serpentine. A rapid grower with deep roots, it is excellent at erosion control, and takes full sun to medium shade. Gorgeous under oaks, where the dappled light highlights its graceful foliage and flowers. Drought tolerant, but can be kept lusher looking with occasional water.

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This plant is in stock

1 gal


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