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Romneya coulteri - Matilija Poppy

Botanic Name

Romneya coulteri

Common Name

Matilija Poppy


H: 6' W: 6'


Occ. H20/Dry




Bee favorite

Bee favorite

Attribute detail

Deer resistant

Deer resistant


Attracts butterflies

Attracts butterflies



One of our most beautiful California native plants. Large white flowers have a bright yellow center, and appear from May to July, or longer if given some water. It spreads from underground rhizomes that can be invasive. Not the easiest plant to establish, but worth the effort. Winter planting is best and be careful not to disturb its roots when planting. Old stalks should be pruned back to ground level in late winter.

This plant is not currently in stock

This plant is in stock

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5 gal


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