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Mimulus 'Carnivale' - Monkeyflower
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Mimulus 'Carnivale' - Monkeyflower
Photo by Anya Crane

Mimulus 'Carnivale' - Monkeyflower
Photo by Anya Crane

Botanic Name: Mimulus 'Carnivale'
Common Name: Monkeyflower
Size: 3'h x 3'w
Sun: Sun-Part Shade
H20: Occ.H2O/dry

This Monkeyflower has a salmon-red flower that gradually fades to yellow at the edges. Cultivated here at Yerba Buena Nursery, this hybrid Mimulus will grow into a bush 3' x 3' and is drought tolerant once established. Pinch off spent blooms to promote the growth of additional flowers through the summer months. Prune hard in late winter for a compact plant the next year.

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