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Helianthus annuus - Annual Sunflower
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Helianthus annuus - Annual Sunflower
Photo by Sonja Wilcomer

Helianthus annuus - Annual Sunflower
Photo by Sonja Wilcomer

Botanic Name: Helianthus annuus
Common Name: Annual Sunflower
Size: 6'h x 4'w
Sun: Sun
H20: Occ.H2O/dry
Deer Resistant
Resistance: high
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The annual sunflower grows in disturbed areas, shrubland and many other habitats throughout California. It grows dramatically (5 to 9 feet in height), producing abundant 4-5 inch yellow flowers in late summer and fall. In your garden provide a sunny site with some supplemental water until plants are established. Seeds will fall and produce multiple new plants each year. Dig up young seedlings and move about your yard for additional late summer blooms.

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