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Clarkia rubicunda - Farewell to Spring
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Clarkia rubicunda - Farewell to Spring
Photo by Jennifer Leech

Clarkia rubicunda - Farewell to Spring
Photo by Jennifer Leech

Clarkia rubicunda - Farewell to Spring
Photo by Jennifer Leech

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Botanic Name: Clarkia rubicunda
Common Name: Farewell to Spring
Size: 1'h x 1'w
Sun: Sun
H20: Occ.H2O/dry
Deer Resistant
Resistance: high
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Clay Tolerant
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This local Clarkia paints the hills from Marin to Santa Barbara in late spring. As its name implies it is one of the last of the annual wildflowers to bloom. If you ever come to the nursery in June or July you won't be able to miss its splash of red-violet on the roadsides. Give it full sun, watering will lengthen its bloom, but it does fine with what falls from the sky.

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